SDBV partnersFPC has a new set of partners in the Yucatan!  During our one-year follow-up visit with our partners in Xoy in June, we signed a new covenant with the members of the Getsemani National Presbyterian Church in San Diego Buena Vista.  The folks there showed us the same kind of hospitality as our friends in Xoy, and are just as needy for a water plant.  They now have to drive about 50 kilometers to purchase water in Tzucacab.  We have sent them drawings for the building and are awaiting their estimates for the construction.  When the building is finished, and when we have raised enough funds to purchase the equipment, we’ll return for installation and education.



Xoy truckOur friends in Xoy are doing great!  They have purchased a well-used pickup truck for deliveries, and are selling over (100) 20 liter bottles each day.  Nearly 90% of their product is delivered.  They have also begun bottling 0.5 liter bottles to sell to the tiendas (convenience stores) in Xoy and surrounding villages.  They are real entrepreneurs, but still consider the purified water as part of their ministry.  They are good stewards with what God has given them and what we have been able to share with them.

The FPC Living Waters for the World mission team is now meeting on the third Thursday of each month to plan for the return trip to San Diego Buena Vista.  We would love to have new folks join us for these meetings (and for the return trip).  Special training is not required but is available if you would like.