The Mission and Outreach Committee suggested, and the Session approved that we as a congregation donate peanut butter to the Christian Food Bank of Hopkins County.  This will be totally voluntary on your part, but you are encouraged to bring jars of peanut butter, smooth or crunchy, to the church on Sundays and place them in the collection bin in the narthex. The Mission and Outreach Committee will deliver the peanut butter to the food bank on a regular basis.  The CFB Board president asked that we donate peanut butter as a protein source, since they usually run low on protein.

Souper Bowl of Caring netted 303 pounds of food and $650, plus donations sent directly to the CFB.  Also, an additional 30 cases of peanut butter were donated to the CFB by our church from our mission budget.  We have applied for a $500 grant through our Presbytery for becoming a "Matthew 25" church.  Matthew 25 says we are to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, give water to those who thirst, heal the sick, and visit the prisoners.

We have also applied to Presbytery for an Innovative Ministries grant to purchase a cold plate vending freezer and ice cream novelties to be used to encourage neighborhood children and their parents to participate with us in worship and fellowship. If we receive this grant, we will visit our nearby neighborhoods and encourage folks to join us at FPC.  You can speak to any of the Elders to learn more about this proposal.  Stay tuned for more info.

It may seem that peanut butter and ice cream are simplistic ways of serving the Lord.  However, if they nourish some food insecure children and bring joy to others while promoting the mission and outreach of our church, then I'm for it.  2021 is going to be exciting for FPC and I want to encourage you to participate.  Come to in-person worship and Bible study.  Come to breakfast on Thursdays.  Go shopping for peanut butter.  When we head out to the neighborhood, push the ice cream cart, talk to people, invite them to church, and tell them about Jesus.  Learn Spanish.  Come to the cookout we’re going to have in our parking lot.  Volunteer to work in Sunday School, Bible study, and children’s activities.  FPC is going to flourish!  Come be a part of it!

Pastor Pete, Mission & Outreach