In his January 20, 1961 inaugural address John Kennedy spoke of a new beginning, a renewal, a powerful challenge.  Near the end of his speech he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."  Fifty-nine years later First Presbyterian Church has the opportunity for a new beginning, a renewal, and a powerful challenge.  We are forging ahead looking for a new pastor while dealing with the restrictions of following safe guidelines related to Covid-19.  Our attendance is down.  People are practicing social distancing waiting for the all clear.  Some are searching for a new home that offers the comfort and companionship they seek, not realizing it is here at FPC. 

Yes, Lon has retired as our pastor, yet Jesus continues as our Shepherd.  We are His sheep and First Pres is still one of his sheepfolds.  We are not literally at a new beginning, but we are at a time of renewal and it will be a powerful challenge.  Borrowing from JFK we need to ask how can we serve our church and our community.  We need not worry about how the church is serving us, but how we are serving The Church of Jesus Christ.  If we do so, watch how FPC prospers in the process.

On November 15th, Charlie Evans will become our interim pastor.  He is looking forward to helping us restore what once was, and begin to build what we will become.  As a congregation, we should be excited that a reawakening will transform us into the church community that God intends us to be.  We will welcome new saints into the Kingdom, we will lead them in the path they must follow, we will nurture them to the fruition of God’s plan for them, and we will care for them as we all await the second coming of the KING!  We will do all these things through Christ Jesus who will sustain us and strengthen us to serve his purpose.  I can feel His Spirit!  He is flowing through us.  Get on the Gospel Ship and sail with us!

Pastor Pete