Being the Church in a Pandemic

LonThese are strange times that none of us have experienced before.  I can tell you that I personally would much rather be greeting each of you on Sunday morning with a handshake or a hug.  Far from that, it’s weird and not an easy thing to preach to a camera.  I am learning, though, that on the other side of the camera is not merely the faithful who usually walk into the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. I’m hearing from some people in more distant places who have had a relationship with us over the years.  I’m hearing, too, from folks like my cousin, Marilyn.  She lives on a farm in Rural Route Ipava, Illinois, but is sitting this isolation out in her daughter’s home in Michigan.  Her church back home isn’t able to have live streaming worship services, so she has been watching ours. There are other people in other places who have tuned in to First Presbyterian Church’s website, Facebook, and YouTube channel.  We are getting the Word of God out through on-line Bible studies, videos, live streaming, and…

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Where Is Your Anchor Set?

Where do you place your hope?  Where is your anchor set?


Who's Your Mask Protecting?

Who is your mask protecting?  Are we honestly striving to be true reflections of Jesus?


Salt and Light

Has our salt lost its savor? Are we hiding our light under a basket?


Listen for God

It's the National Day of Prayer.  I suspect that most of us have been praying every day lately.  However, do we take the time to listen for what God has to say?


Virus or Vitamin?

Will it be virus or vitamin?  We have a choice in how this pandemic will affect each of us and the church in the future.


Welcome Home

The good news is we're already forgiven without any qualification, so we just need to head on home. Be sure and let everyone else know. See you there!