love god love peopleDo you know what humans are really good at?  Arguing.  We want to tell/convince others they aren't right to confirm our own rightness.  I'm grateful that scripture is loaded with nincompoops like us who try to get it right and yet get it wrong too.  Unfortunately, Jesus isn't standing here for us to ask all the followup clarifying questions to the parables and biblical happenings.  Since we believe in a sovereign God - a God that is bigger than our understanding and comprehension - and it is beyond our capability to know what God thinks or what God will or will not do, we have to leave room in our convictions for God to show us differently.  We can be truthful without being harmful to God's people and to our relationships.  Jesus often asks questions as a way to teach us and to be in a relationship with us.  What if we did that?

During this Lenten season we have looked at a question each Sunday as we search and seek wisdom.  After all, what if I think that I'm right but I'm actually wrong?  I want to have loved people in such a way that I can go back to them and tell them that I was wrong and apologize.

We are given a simple and yet difficult to live out commandment - the commandment above all: "Love God, Love People," which sums up "The Greatest Commandment" found in the gospels.  How will we love those hard to love people a much as we love God?

Pastor Jen