pastor notes juneIt’s a well deserved summer break for all of our students, educators and administrators of our schools.  It was a year of challenges for all of them and we pray for a joyous summer break for them all!

Thanks to everyone who contributed toward our Pentecost Special Offering on Sunday, May 23rd.  This special offering supports children-at-risk, young adults and youth.  40% of this offering remains with our congregation to develop and support programs for young people in our own church and community.

Please be in prayer for our Pastor Nominating Committee as they search for our next pastor.  We’ll all be in prayer for God’s guidance as they begin this process of discernment.  A big thanks also to our Nominating Committee for their work over the past year!
Our PNC Members are:
From the Session:  Pete Phelan, Shirley Michael, Rick Lee, and Mike Hofmann
At Large:  Suzanne Wilson, Anna Leasure, and Brianna Gregory

This year has really sped by so far.  I can’t believe that it is already June!  I’m looking forward to being with you each Sunday in June and worshipping God alongside you.  I have really enjoyed my time here and I thank you all for blessing me with this opportunity.

Congratulations to our NCAA Bracket Champion this year!  Jackson Bower has won my fellowship bracket contest in back-to-back years.