"Pursued," Part 2

Rev. Lon Lorton

February 17, 2019

Jonah 2:1-10

Nineveh, the city God wanted to save.

God calls Jonah to deliver the message.

Jonah prays, finally.

Why did Jonah pray?

Why do we pray?

  • Prayer brings a change of heart.
  • Prayer brings deliverance.
  • Prayer can bring a second chance.

Are you sailing on the ship of disobedience as Jonah did?  Jonah's prejudice prompted him to disobey God when he was told to preach in Nineveh.  Is it possible that you are "headed to Tarshish," when you should be "on your way to Nineveh"?  Saints in the wrong places!  Maybe we can learn something from Jonah and avoid the seaweed and burping fish.