books of the monthDon’t know if you are aware of this, but our church library had a bit of a facelift a while back and is now open for you to come in and check out a book or two.  Our featured books this month are:

  1. “Before You Go - Making Great Decisions You Won’t Regret" by TD Jake.
  2. “Audacious” by Beth Moore.  Beth Moore is a gifted author who continues to serve the Lord with her ability to express herself passionately.  She studies and goes deeply in her exploration of scripture.  This book draws the reader closer to the Lord and helps you renew your faith.  She has outdone herself with Audacious.
  3. “Hope Again” by Charles Swindoll.
  4. “Uprooting the Spirit of Fear” by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar.  Creflo is a great pastor and author.  In this book he gets down to the root of fear and its companions - doubt, worry, and anxiety. Creflo talks about some specific keys to uprooting the spirit of fear.