Visit our new library, peruse the collection and check out a book!  The old card catalog system has been replaced with a simple check out book.  The sign out book is on the library desk.  Write your name, the title of the book you have borrowed and contact information.  Place the book in the return basket when you have finished reading.  If you desire, write a brief personal reaction in the sign out book.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the renovation effort through labor or donations: Shirley Michael painter/decorator, Rick Lee- ceiling repair engineer and installer, Janet and James McClain- lights and fan, Sean and Kari McCance- library table, and Pete Phelan- bookshelves.  We hope for additional donations to purchase blinds for the 2 windows in the room.  If you would like to sponsor a book in honor or memory of someone, or if you have book donations, please speak with Peggy Phelan.

Featured books this month focus on the Persecuted Church.  Check-out one of these titles:

  1. Extreme Devotion Voice of the Martyrs - Daily Devotional Stories of believers who sacrificed everything for Jesus.
  2. Tortured for Christ by Richard Wumbrand - Biography of Wumbrand’s life as a persecuted pastor in Communist Romania who was incarcerated and tortured for 8 years for his faith.  “A man really believes not what he recites in a creed, but what he is willing to die for.”
  3. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeed Quareshi - A devout American Muslim shares his home life and religious upbringing as a Muslim and his intense quest as a college student for the ultimate truth- Allah and the Koran or Jesus and the Bible.
  4. Hiding in the Light by Rifqa Barry - Rifqa’s personal story about why she risked everything to follow Jesus.  She converted to Christianity as a young American teenager and followed Jesus secretly for several years until she ran away from home to avoid death/deportation when her family discovered her faith.
  5. Sister Freaks by Rebecca St. James - Story collection of women past and present who gave up everything to follow Jesus.
  6. Jesus Freaks dcTalk and Voice of the Martyrs - Biographical collection of men and women, past and present, who willingly gave up their lives to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ.
  7. Voices of the Faithful Devotional by Beth Moore (ed.) - Inspiring daily vignettes of thoughts and experiences from contemporary missionaries serving Christ around the world.