“The problem with using quotes from the internet is verifying the accuracy of the source.”  [Abraham Lincoln]

It’s one of those stories that just gets better with time.  There was a Frenchman named Charles Blondin who made money walking a tightrope across Niagara Falls in the late 1850’s.  It became the rage to watch Blondin and his antics.  He crossed the Falls blindfolded.  He crossed the Falls while cooking an omelet.  He crossed the Falls with his manager on his back.  He even pushed a wheelbarrow across the Falls one time.  But this is where the “history” gets a little fuzzy.

I would guess over the years I have paid attention to more than a few sermons (there was also a period of several years when I didn’t).  I’ve heard a lot of preachers tell about the day Blondin stood ready to cross Niagara Falls with a wheelbarrow.  “Do you believe I can cross the Falls pushing this wheelbarrow?”  Everyone watching shouted, “Yes! We believe!”  “Do you believe I can cross the Falls with a person in the wheelbarrow?”  “Yes! We believe!” they all shouted.  “All of you believe I can cross Niagara Falls pushing a person in a wheelbarrow - terrific!”  Then Blondin quietly asked, “Who will go first?”  No one responded.

Yes, this is one of those great stories that just keeps getting better.  Too bad there’s actually no record of the event ever happening.  But, do you know what?  This is such a great illustration of Biblical truth that, to quote Garrison Keillor, “If it didn’t happen that way, it should have.”  So, I’m going to go with it.  Just don’t quote me on it.  Tell people you saw it on the internet.  They’ll believe that for sure.

Here’s the real deal.  We say we believe, but do we really?  We’ve all experienced enough of life to know that God continually asks us to get into His wheelbarrow, risking our emotions, our reputations, our money - every bit of what we call our livelihoods and possessions.  Do we believe?  Really believe?  Will we get in?

Lord, we believe, at least to a certain extent.  Help our unbelief.  We do believe that some great adventures are out there, if we are willing to put our trust in you.  Jesus, you told us that the faith of a mustard seed can move a mountain.  Give us an opportunity today to get into Your wheelbarrow.  Let us prove that the little bit of faith we have in you is enough.  Amen.