I just came across an interesting statistic.  Of the people who voted for Donald Trump in 2016, the percentage who regret their vote today is a whopping 3%.  And of the people who voted for Hillary Clinton in that same election, the percentage who regret their vote is…3%.  What does that tell you?

  1. If the election were held again today it would have the same result, except for 3% on each side changing sides.  And all the people who were shocked then would be shocked all over again.
  2. It also means our country seems hopelessly divided.  Historically, we have been there before, but the division right now is huge.  And it’s seemingly over any and every issue.  The differences among us reflect that it is not about the issues, but about totally different ways of seeing things – everything.

It’s as if the two sides are speaking different languages and not only are people not listening, we don’t even understand the language of “those people.”  And no one seems to be putting in the necessary effort to learn the other’s language.  We go to opposite sources for our information, listening only to talking heads with whom we already agree.

To be honest, it’s been ages, if ever, since the concept of “reaching across the aisle” has been used for the good of our nation rather than for political gain.  Reaching across the aisle is a nice idea, but it seems most everybody has alligator arms - too short to reach beyond ourselves.

So, what does all this have to do with you and me, and the lives we live here in Hopkins County?  It means we have a job to do as Christians to develop some pretty long arms and do what we can to embrace everyone…regardless.  It means we need to go out of our way, in practice and as examples, to try to understand and accept others, even the others we haven’t been able to understand in the past.

I have an extremely difficult time putting Jesus in either the Republican or Democrat camp.  Remember Joshua, as he looked out on what would be the battle of Jericho (Joshua 5)?  He saw a towering figure slinging a big sword.  He was bold enough to ask, “Are you on our side or theirs?”  And the answer?  Maybe it should be our answer, “No.  I am on the Lord’s side.”

Let’s let that soak in.  Then read on to see that Joshua dropped to his knees and worshiped God.  By the way, Joshua and his army defeated the enemy of Jericho easily, without a bullet being fired, but only because they took their battle plans from God and not from those who were ready to go to war.